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 Saturday Morning Club
Neighborhood women met on Saturday mornings, often on the veranda at the home of Sam and Livy Clemens. Photo courtesy of the The Mark Twain House

Life at Nook Farm
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   --from Nook Farm, by Joseph Van Why

"The authors of Nook Farm had a keen sense of what the subscription publishing houses of Hartford and, by the late 1870s, Boston publishers could sell. It was not at all unusual for Harriet Beecher Stowe or Mark Twain to be working on several books at the same time, dashing off articles for magazines and newspapers, or undertaking a lecture tour to further augment their incomes. The Nook Farm authors weren't shy about pushing one another's books with introductions, favorable reviews, and recommendations to their respective publishers. Through their friends in the Boston literary circle, particularly William Dean Howells and Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Henry Ward Beecher's literary and publishing connections in New York, the Nook Farm coterie effected publicity for its writings that would be the envy of public relations experts today."

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