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The Hepburn Family

 Hepburn Family
Photo of the Hepburn family courtesy of the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

The Hawthorn Street house Joseph Van Why refers to below is the Thomas Clap Perkins house.

   -- from Nook Farm, by Joseph Van Why

"The world famous actress Katharine Hepburn grew up on Hawthorn Street in Nook Farm, where she was considered the tomboy of the neighborhood. Her parents were Dr. Thomas Noval Hepburn, born in 1879 and died in 1962, and Katharine (Houghton) Hepburn, born in 1878 and died in 1951. Dr. Hepburn interned at Hartford Hospital and was the first doctor in New England to specialize as a urologist. He set up the urological department of Hartford Hospital.

"Mrs. Hepburn, a graduate of Bryn Mawr, became active in the woman's suffrage movement and was elected president of the Connecticut Suffrage Association in 1910. She and Mrs. Martin Toscan Bennett, a neighbor and friend, would go in Mrs. Bennett's chauffeur-driven car to country fairs throughout the state to speak about the goals of the woman's suffrage movement. In the 1920s Mrs. Hepburn established, and was the first president of, the Connecticut Birth Control League. The newspapers often had stories about her activities. Dr. Hepburn, upon arriving home, would scan the newspaper to see what "news" there might be about his wife's controversial activities. If he found no account, he would sigh and comment that the family had got through another day without publicity."

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